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Why is life so hard?

Why do we always seem to be struggling, and even when life is good, we feel drawn to worrying about what might or might not become of the moment of happiness we had acquired? I am often looking at the circumstances of those around me and wondering how I could influence some change to make life easier. You will even notice that I focus quite extensively on the prospect of change, in knowing that we are all searching for more harmony in our lives and definitely more happiness. So, what do you suppose the answers to my musings might be? Do you think that maybe I am delusional? Or possibly deprived of logic? Or maybe you simply think I am wasting my time, and my curiosity will get me nowhere. However you view my search for insight, you have to agree that it’s a worthwhile question, why is life so hard and appearing to get harder not easier as time goes by?

My answers to why this is so are many and varied, but always coming back to the avenue of personal development, the significant evolutionary kind. The kind that says to us that as a species we are devolving rather than evolving. But most importantly, it indicates that we, as the unique beings we are, need to understand our personal role in this process as a means to answering the question from our own perspective or place in life. While this may seem like a rather intimidating prospect, to me, it offers some solutions as that brings us back to the basis of existence that allows us to focus on the one thing we all seem to be avoiding, who am I and why am I here? Don’t lose hope just yet, I’m not trying to scare you, as I consider myself to be rather competent when it comes to understanding where the answers to those questions lie. In fact, I would say, that I have made it my life’s work to search for that particular answer.

So, what does this mean in terms of answering our original question? It means we need to be prioritising or perhaps I should say, revolutionising our intent to discover who we are as that will, of course, answer the question of why we are here. If we knew we could constructively answer those two things, we would stand half a chance of being able to move towards a simpler and more happy existence. Again, don’t lose hope, because this part is easier than you think.

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