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About Equinergy

Introduction to energy medicine

Working with energies, chi or humours of the body is an ancient and time-honoured tradition in many cultures, enabling the practitioner to utilise skills passed down through time-honoured practices and rituals. These methods are well-respected in both eastern and western societies. By allowing ourselves to follow these principals, we are able to achieve a better standard of health by encouraging the body's natural healing abilities to materialise, while beneficially supporting the use of more traditional methods of healing. In order to fully understand the techniques of energy medicine used by our team, you would need to investigate methods of kinesiology and Reiki amongst others. An understanding of the energy system of chakras and meridians used in both Vedic and ancient Chinese practices of acupuncture, amongst others, would be beneficial. In order to fully understand the methods of performing the session you would need to have an understanding of telekinesis and similar connection methods. This means we are able to work with you over great distances so that there are no boundaries or limits of distance that prevent us working with you or your pet. 

Animal communication is a forgotten art that was well established in ancient times, but what is not recognised is communication in it's energetic form. Through the means of balancing vibration, communication of different types is available through intuitive means, not recognised as a spoken form, but indicative of thought nonetheless. Before engaging in this it is essential to ensure the integrity of the energy body in its truest form. 

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for, to experience a revolutionary new method of achieving balance and improved health. You will be mastering the balance and alignment of chakras, meridians, and body systems and circuits in ways never experienced before. By doing so, you will be able to calm your mind, restore the body's ability to heal itself while aligning you with your life path and purpose. 

While working on your body you will experience a number of different sensations, all of them pleasant, soothing and relaxing. For those of us who are busy and rushed, these sensations may go unnoticed, but the treatment will be effective nonetheless. Many people experience feelings of euphoria and liberation from ailments and dis-ease. You may experience a short period of adjustment varying in length depending on the nature of your treatment. You can also expect to notice long-lasting improvements in health and emotional well-being. Over time, that contributes to healthier and stronger relationships while enabling you to achieve an all round sense of well-being. You can also use this method to align yourself with your life goals and achievements, with the possibility of improving your financial status or career prospects. You will need to commit to a series of treatments if one wishes to achieve a well rounded balance in all aspects of life. 

In addition to the human treatments the equivalent is available to animals of all breeds, from large to small. You will find similar experiences occurring for them with the added bonus of identifying thought. This means that in addition to being able to care for your animals' physical and emotional well-being, you can also address any personality or behavioural traits of concern to you. This would not be typical of the animal communication more commonly known, but gives a clear indication of the mindset of the being. 

In order to experience the full benefit of our services, take a look at the Get To Know Us page and/or our Services page, and choose the option that most suits your needs. 

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