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Treatment Options


Intuitive animal interaction

Intuitive animal interaction is a method of understanding how an animal is feeling about itself and it's life and circumstances, based on the energy it presents with, followed by a detailed analysis of the energetic status of the body. By these means you are able to determine existing health implications as well as the potential for future illness or injury and gauge the mindset of your animal at the time of initiating treatment. This is often used in the assessment of horses prior to purchase, but more specifically in the acquiring of balance in your beloved pet.  

HUman Health Alignment

Human health alignment, using the tools of a combination of methodologies and intuitive guidance, enables you to experience renewed health and vigour while achieving a sense of peace and calm. It has far reaching effects in all aspects of your life from relationships and health, to career and finances, without limitation in options and potential. You can take advantage of this method to align you with your hopes and goals, making for a more secure future, while ensuring good health and vitality.  

Life Path and Life Purpose

For those individuals desiring more meaning from their lives, improved focus, potential to create change, and a desire to know more about the workings of the universe, this process was designed for you.

In order to understand more, you can think of this as the solution to all your problems, and any other you may ever encounter during the journey of life. 


Alignment is yours for the taking. 

Please note that pricing is case dependent

For a personalised quote, please contact Laura regarding which treatment best suits your needs.  

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