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Frequently Asked Questions

As a method, this often brings curiosity about me and my work as well as a desire to understand how results may be achieved. It would also inspire a curiosity to know more about the principles of life that energy can be applied to, and the capacity to create change within these. If we allow for personal interpretation, the potential here is endless, however I prefer to think of it as potential that is mindful of my obligation to support you in finding the most pertinent objectives to suit your life and circumstances, while revealing the potential for other objectives to be aligned should you feel driven to pursue them. Each of us is on a journey to grow in a way that delights, inspires, and fulfils us, and yet life often doesn’t yield this. This process becomes a means to know both the reason and the opportunity to correct that should you choose to apply it.

1. What is this and how can I receive from it? Or What will this do for me?

While most people are aware that energy exists and is an engagement within the body, few stop to ask themselves how they can employ this to benefit themselves or change their lives. It would be shortsighted to imagine that there are not devices within the body to regulate and measure this engagement, and I endeavour to explore this fully while observing your need for objectivity in experiencing it. The recording below gives a more precise interpretation and a means of encouraging you to explore your own interpretation of what you would like to accomplish here.

1. What is this and how can I receive from it

2.    What can I hope to achieve in this platform?

This is often the question that is hardest to answer as it describes so much potential. Simply put, it offers the capacity to embrace both health and wellness of the mind while fulfilling our obligation to experience a life in which we feel more accomplished and satisfied. It can be said that this accounts for much of what you already experience, but it would always be true that improvement is possible and yet for most, the means of doing that is not known. Listen to the below conversation for more.

2. What can I hope to achieve in this platform

3.    What potential is being offered?

Throughout my extensive search for answers, I have always come back to the simple premise that what is meant for us will eventually find us. But what if we could change that to mean something more certain, more immediate, or perhaps more definite. What if the answers to all life’s mysteries lie right here wating to be discovered, and what if more can be shown to be real than we have ever encountered before. Well, some find that exciting and others, plain scary. The 'what ifs' have led me to a discovery I share through my own experience and interpretation, as well as a means of aligning you with your own awareness of potential by bringing to light things lying dormant, latent, and waiting for the right time. Below I describe this in greater and more specific detail.

3. What potential is being offered

4.    What can I expect to encounter while experiencing this work?

I often ask myself how I can do more without compromising myself if the process, and the simple answer is I need to be more mindful and aware and while this isn’t new, putting it into practise is. I am always stressing the fact that all that I am is because of all that I was, and now I get to review that with an intention to change what is to come. I imagine you had to read that twice, so perhaps the below recording will be easier to understand.

4. What can I expect to encounter while experiencing this work

5.    What is the subconscious and how can it serve me?

Throughout my life I have been aware of a driving force within me moving me to action or inaction as may be, but without context I was not aware of the relevance of this. While some consider that to be a given, something to be assumed as a natural part to life, I have discovered it to be somewhat more complex and yet so much more delightful than that! Listen below.

5. What is the subconscious and how can it serve me

6.    What is Purpose and how can we apply it more constructively?

I think that without fail we have come to misunderstand this as a principle and have applied ourselves to survival instead, and whether that brings joy or not would be the answer to whether or not we have arrived at the accomplishment of purpose. Don’t get me wrong, it is a profound question to ask and none more important than this, but it is even more significant that we answer without rejection or recrimination, for only then can we truly know the answer. Cryptic, perhaps, but more is revealed below.

6. What is Purpose and how can we apply it more constructively

7.    How safe is this and will I experience pain?

I prefer to see this question as a need to listen to the previous recordings, but perhaps in describing my terms of engagement you will see fit to trust yourself to always see to your own safety in any experience. I have often examined the context of the worry that causes us to doubt or reject our capacity to trust ourselves, and it is this that I explore more often than not, but not in a way that causes us to flinch or hide. Rather in a way that allows us to conceive of just how miraculous we are. Below I detail some of the terms used and the expectations created by using them.

7. How safe is this and will I experience pain

8.    Will this still work if I don’t believe in it, or can I still benefit if I don’t use the tools?

I have often applied this question to myself when looking for an answer to give you, as invariably, the proof has been in the pudding. I have taken every opportunity to explore each and every concept before applying it to anyone else. I am my own guinea pig, always searching for both the upside and the downside of the experience in order to relate that to you, and specifically to find ways around our minds which like to trip us up with worry and inconsistent thought. I most often apply these things regardless of whether I expect a result or not, because I have discovered the means to disarm that doubt and to bring these means to you too. So, doubtful or not, results are implied. Perhaps this will answer you further.

8. Will this still work if I don’t believe in it, or can I still benefit if I don’t use th

9.    Can I still use this platform if English is not my first language?

Whether we are able to see or hear or not, we are still fully able to recognise the subtleties of unspoken language and much the same way as animals process, we welcome and receive intention. Have you ever noticed yourself assessing someone’s intentions even though they have not uttered a sound? Well, that would be the mechanism I rely on when language becomes an obstacle, because whether we know it or not, the language of energy is universal. Below I give an expanded explanation of sound and language combined.

9. Can I still use this platform if English is not my first language
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