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What more could life give me if I knew how to ask?

Being thoroughly distracted in life would be typical for most of us. In fact, we have become so distracted as to no longer appear to have the qualities of mindfulness aligned. And here I want to stress that this means that we are unlikely to succeed in what counts most, the task of life itself. As depressing as that sounds, or possibly as elusive as the concept of life’s task may sound, the answers are far simpler than the question implies.

I have often wondered why I have little patience for myself and yet endless patience for others when one would assume that this is an aspect of nature and therefore something that should apply to both. In life we find these inconsistencies in so many different contexts as to be able to see just how “confused” we have become as beings in the quest for meaning in life. I am sure this is beginning to sound rather dire, and yet I know the opposite to be true and as always can’t wait to share just how to change the things we need to change most.

From a very early age, I had an insatiable curiosity about the human mind, its workings and behaviours thinking that maybe a psychological field might apply well to me. Soon after that my curiosity extended from human nature to the concept of life in all structures and forms, and botany and zoology captured my attention with the more unrecognised formats captivating me completely. I have always believed that what we see is but the surface of all things in terms of a concept and that we need to be able to consider the more unconventional workings for our own state to make sense. In this I began a search into the fields of vibration and resonance with a particular desire to find answers we could all relate to and while I may have ventured past that for my own curiosity’s sake, the “suffering” of our species has always fascinated me. To the point where I became concerned for the future of the species and its scope to change its ways.

Now that might be fascinating to me but seems to hold very little interest to the bulk of humanity and yet it is obvious that as a species, we are becoming more and more unsettled and unstable and that happiness, true genuine and lasting happiness, is becoming as rare as some of Earth’s more hidden gems. And this is what inspires my writing today. Not the doom of our species, but the rarity of true happiness and the desire to connect more fully to the prospect of change that reverses this trend.

If we consider happiness, we need to see past its’ elusive nature to consider its’ inherent vibration and what it does for us. Happiness, like life, activates the chemistry of the body in many delightful and inspiring ways and as a frequency, offers more potential than you or I can possibly imagine. But in choosing to acknowledge it only as a fleeting feeling associated with our circumstances, we eliminate a great deal of its’ potential.

Happiness is no longer a state of physical being, but an elusive concept attached to ideas and things rather than a choice we make. Did you ever consider that we can “switch on” the frequency of happiness in the body? That the Earth’s vibrational field makes that possible and that as a species, “turning” it on in one, activates that potential in others? Wow, quite a concept, isn’t it? And while the science of this is actually well documented, it is not understood in its most realistic state as would only be discovered by having a mass execution of it.

Having experienced genocide on a level of the Holocaust of World War II, we are familiar with the concept of “brainwashing” and yet it has always been considered a psychological thing and no one has referenced the vibrational impact that occurs in order for such an event to play out. Intelligent, well-meaning individuals so under the swathe of brutal intent as to not access that intelligence and just say no or refuse to execute the plan. While this is not intended to be a political or historical diatribe, this is a very obvious example of the energy flow of a society or group merging with the intent of insemination of another’s will. We have all experienced this in both simple and complex forms. The will to influence others is inherent in all beings and yet it is at its most complex in us, the human being. It would be quite impossible to separate such things from their origins otherwise, and that’s what we need to do, to become separate from the mass mind that is our collective consciousness, so that we can think more clearly and with more emotional context that is appropriate for us, the individual.

How many of you remember a simpler time in life when worries were few and far between? How many of you assume that worry is just something we need to do and that it’s how we keep ourselves safe? And yet this is not true. Worry has become an adaptive behaviour arising from the mass flow of fear that exists in all of us and has for generations. The fear of failure being at the top of the list, followed closely by the fear of judgement, shame or criticism. We have so many that they are innumerable to count, showing up in the way we treat ourselves. The conversations of our mind that ramble consistently even when we try to switch it off. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like not to have that voice in your mind? Well, I have, and decided to pursue that further, possibly much further than I needed to, but as I said I am the eternal curious child.

I have wandered into many spaces in life, both challenging and fulfilling and choose now to bring things to a place of simplicity in which I choose to find the path least likely to offend the masses and yet offend them we must in order to stand out and create a life we can trust and enjoy. If we are subject to the consistent application of mass conscious fear, would we not want to step out of that space? Would we not want to experience something easier, more pleasant or even just different? Of course we would, but we don’t because we have never realised the significance of what I am sharing. I have experimented largely on myself to see what this is about. I have taken myself about as far as an individual can in order to not be aligned with that collective mind that is our collective consciousness and there are many who would not feel this to be possible but trust me it is. The struggle is actually to recognise when, by habit, we fall back into that space and why we did, in order to alter the experiences we are having and to create a more well-balanced habit of thought and interpretation that defines us as beings.

If you feel this brings more questions and possibly some trepidation to mind, that’s natural because we have not known the kind of potential I am talking about for many, many generations. Our history as a species speaks of the same mistakes being made over and over with no change in sight. Well, what if all we needed was an awareness that things can be done differently, influencing both ourselves and the collective consciousness of which we are a part?

I believe despite my experiment to separate myself from that space that it is as important to recognise it as it is to positively or even profoundly influence it in ways that shift its’ vibrational disposition and to ask of ourselves but one thing. How can I be the change that makes this possible? It starts there and for many generations to come we will be answering that, but as long as we are so focused on the distraction we see as our lives, we won’t ask the question in the first place and life will be what it’s always been, a struggle to survive in one form or another, be that health, vitality, motivation, drive, enthusiasm, or the means to be happy. But be that as it may, we as the individual having the experience get to choose and to choose, we need to open heart and mind to a truth far kinder and simpler than before, that aligns us with the potential we all hold to change life for the better.

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