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Upcoming Events

Interactive Online Workshops

While the general topic for each set of workshops is the same, they are hosted as separate events. Participants are welcome to attend on just one, or on both of the dates offered. Each event needs to be registered for separately. Our online workshops are hosted through Google Meet for ease of access for all participants. Each workshop is as unique as the people who join it, and each person brings something special to the space. All workshops are fully supported by Laura and the potential benefits are limited only by your imagination.


Online Discussion Events

A new addition to our online virtual options, the discussion groups provide a safe and supported platform for you to engage in your curiosity alongside like-minded souls. All events can be attended live, or subscribed to as a recording if you feel disinclined to appear live online or if your schedule doesn't allow for live participation. This new space of exploration will add to and further support your treatment and workshop engagements. Bring a curious mind and an armful of questions, if so inclined, and let's allow for some fun in the art of discovery.

Personalised Events

Do you belong to a community or organisation keen on inspiring personal growth? Do you want to inspire and promote change? In this platform we are tailor making our services to suit your event; to bring inspiration to the staleness of life and to encourage change through supportive methods and remedies that align the flow of life. 


While it might take courage to suggest an alternative platform of engagement for your event, you won't be disappointed in the results achieved. Here at Equinergy Healing, we promote mindful awareness, as well as a state of peace and balance. Inspiring self empowering action as a means to comfortably align and motivate change, while simultaneously promoting balance or the tranquility of the mind. Our methods are tried and tested with much success, for it is in supporting ourselves, that we support each other best. 

  • Purposeful intent. Where is it and how can I find it? Part 2
    Purposeful intent. Where is it and how can I find it? Part 2
    Fri, 26 Jul
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    26 Jul 2024, 13:00 SAST – 27 Jul 2024, 13:00 SAST
    Recording link will be sent.
    In this 2-part series, you are intentionally enabling a very active, but little sought after part of your brain, to revitalise and prompt more consistent balance in the body.
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