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Laura Ware

Laura is a trained specialist in energy medicine, past life modification, and is an intuitive facilitator with many years of experience in the field of Telekinetics. She is able to use applied techniques of telekinesis, as well as aspects of many levels of Reiki and Kinesiology. She also has a range of other tools acquired through an extensive pursuit of knowledge in the healing arts, both in western and eastern medicine. Her passion lies in aligning others with their potential and bringing new perspectives and insights into their awareness. In this way, changes are inspired through the subconscious of the individuals with their own will determining the outcome. 


Her background is in veterinary nursing where she spent

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many years working with a wide variety of species, both wild and domestic, including horses, dogs, cats and parrots. This background stands her in good stead to understand the workings of their bodies while extended studies have furthered her experience into the field of biomechanics and meridian work as well many forms of Reiki. The combination of these techniques means she is able to work with all animals in a number of different ways to achieve a more balanced and well-rounded animal, while reducing pain, illness, and temperament issues. However, in working with animals it often comes to light that animals are persistent in attempting to heal or nurture the growth of their humans, and in this she often finds it more pertinent to work with the owner instead.  In working with Laura, you will notice a number of changes occurring, from the obvious to the most subtle indications of good health and alignment. She is able to create potential for balance between the outer and inner energies of the being while addressing perspectives and opportunities to align with a more harmonious life experience and its potential to bring happiness and vitality. Energies of all types are present in human and animal alike, and it is in balancing these to the species' specific requirements that alignment is attained, with the understanding that it is always at the will of the individual and not by her hand that this is achieved. In working in this manner, she allows for each individual to maximise and grow their potential while allowing for a degree of freedom to be uncovered within the mind and body alike. This is akin to being able to open the mind to its own growth and allow a lack of resistance to be presented so that the experience borders on effortless and she is then able to provide insight should this not prevail. Laura's speciality is in being able to articulate thought and intuitive guidance into a format that is both easy to assimilate and act on with simple tools and available resources at your disposal.


Laura's focus is on aligning mind and body in a way that facilitates both emotional and mental stability while capturing the potential of the individual to thrive in a way that both suits them and is comfortable to experience. However, it is always up to the individual to maximise this potential by empowering themselves with the tools and insights she provides. In her unique way, she incorporates several modalities into one, to bring about the most significant relief or improvement in the person's health and state of well-being, while mentoring you through the process. Not only is she qualified in techniques of Kinesiology and Reiki but has taken it a step further to incorporate a deep understanding of human anatomy and muscle movement previously used in rehabilitation of sports and age-related imbalances. She is able to combine her nursing experience with aspects of the Emotion Code and Access Consciousness, as well as a thorough and specifically applied intuitive element to bring about a calm and more centred state of being while correcting imbalance present in the body's systems and circuits. She will be able to take you on a journey of self-discovery and mastery of your life while discovering purpose and drive in the process, as not previously experienced with any other modality.

You will be amazed at the possibilities open to you by choosing to work with Laura, for as she opens you to new and perhaps undiscovered potential and awareness, she also promotes and enhances your well-being, vitality, and capacity to cope with life. She has a unique skill set and is able to adapt to your personal requirements with ease, knowing exactly what measure are needed to personalise this experience for you even when working in large and extensive groups, both online and in person. She is able to work on all aspects of your being from the emotional to the physical, with the aim being to improve your quality of life on all levels, from relationships to health and finances. While life purpose is very little understood, the truth can be revealed through these means. 

Should you be interested in pursuing a path of bliss and discovery, contact Laura using one of the methods available on our Contact Us page. 

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