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Where in life could I prosper if I knew how?

Have you ever looked at life feeling that it has lost its spark or possibly has left you feeling stale and lacking inspiration? I know I have, and at times I almost despaired of finding the momentum to keep searching for the answers that will always be out there for us to find. It is in moments like these that we offer ourselves the greatest opportunities to align with a life of magnificence. But quite honestly, most of us would gratefully accept a life that feels just a bit more consistent within its means to make us happy.

Just a little more happiness is typically the least we should expect life to offer us and as I have allowed myself to explore what this might yield; I have come across many opportunities to both fulfil myself and many of my dreams. But how did I do that you may ask? Often, I would feel as if the answer to that is just beyond reach. I am sure you can imagine just how frustrating that may seem. But that didn’t stop my search for answers that make sense, answers that have meaning and conviction behind them. Which led me to a longing to be able to help you find those for yourselves.

So, what exactly am I saying here? That I have answers to questions you haven’t yet asked would be one thing. That I have the questions to answers you are searching for would be another, and that I have within reach the easily accessible solutions for all your troubles would be true too. But that sounds like the arrogance it is. Instead, I prefer to view it as the knowledge of how to connect you to all those things within yourself and to make this a definitive appreciation of what you can achieve within your own space of awareness, without the struggle this would previously have implied. I am, in fact, going so far as to say that I know exactly how to inspire in you the means to create change that is both realistic and revelatory without the discomfort of extensive “work” on your part being required.

Often our answers are to be found in the quiet spaces of the mind, the places we have learnt to distrust or ignore. They are also found in the signs of life mirrored around us, but what we have always lacked was the translation of what that means and therefore the means of using it effectively. But what if all we needed was to activate the already present translations of the subconscious in its endeavours to keep us on track to experiencing all we desire? What if simplicity is all we need to align and how could we experience life then? What more could we want for if this simple need was met, and how would we experience ourselves then? Where in life has this been dishonoured, mistrusted, or misaligned? And how simple would it be to redefine this with ease? Read these again as your subconscious takes note of everything you see, hear, and feel, and in this way you are already inspiring change. Change in the perspectives life is offering you, change in your means of expressing that, and change in the alternatives that this implies. Where in life do the miracles lie, is often a question I ask myself, knowing fully that it will reply.

Some may say that’s an impossibility or that they don’t have that particular means, and yet we all do and more so than we realise. It is as simple as following a feeling or urge, or to listen to one’s gut if you prefer to think of it this way. But what we always lack, is the device that sets us free from the self-recrimination and destructive judgements that say we are flawed, limited, and incapable. I would counter however, that all we actually lack is the trust or conviction to follow through on the desire to have our subconscious work more effectively in our lives. Or perhaps, the need or drive to see it through. For some it is ignorance that such things are necessary or that we are in fact master manifestors of our own realities. And as painful as that may be to assume, it can be so much easier than you think, and a dream of your own magnificence is entirely within reach. So why not join me on this blissful encounter of self-awareness and discovery in order to prosper and thrive.

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