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What is life telling you that you are not hearing?

How often do we find ourselves completely at a loss as to how to change what we are not enjoying in life? Probably more often than we would care to admit, and to add insult to injury, when we do have an idea, we find ourselves exploring all the reasons why that couldn’t possibly work!

I have spent many years examining the subtleties of mental engagement with life and have found myself laughing at us as a species more often than not. Not because I find us ignorant or foolish, but because we are a funny lot. We do things so deliberately, with such profound intent, without pausing for just a moment to examine what we would prefer that outcome to be. If we could all just stop for a second to create a view of what we are hoping to change, chances are we would get really good at getting that right.

What could be more inspiring than living the life of your dreams? Nothing, or so you would think! However, for the most part, the exact opposite would appear to be true as most of us spend a great deal of our time exploring the ‘what ifs’ and maybes of life without a thought to the intention that is creating. What if, instead of focusing on the unknown present in our worry, we were to focus on the outcome we would choose if we could. Do you imagine this would change your experience? Exactly! Most of you would say not, despite evidence to the contrary. I often laugh at just how easily I fall prey to this too, despite my extensive knowledge of the subject, and what I have in common with all of you reading this is that I have assumed myself to be in control of this mind that is generating all these thoughts.

What I have come to recognise though, is that our best intentions to control the mind often yield very little, and despite persistence we fall into the same trap over and over again. This led me to explore the context of patterns and behaviours of patterns that would probably be best described as habitual. Now here I am not referencing the obvious, the characteristics we are all aware of, but rather those that are energetic in origin and designed to draw our attention to a rhythm we should not ignore. This is the rhythm of the heart, as it speaks a truth far greater than any we have ever known.

I digress, as the intention here is not to point out our failures. Rather it is to describe something more worthwhile. I have often perceived life as offering far more relevance when we know just how engaged it is in drawing our attention to what we need. Not what we need to survive but rather, what we need to thrive and truly flourish, with an abundance of all the good stuff implied.

The experience of being in a body is one of such sophistication that absolutely nothing is left to chance. All around us energies collude to support and encourage us, and everywhere we turn we will find evidence of this without a hint of malice implied. But if we are only looking for the design of worry, how do we expect to tap into this infinite resource and wealth of wisdom? How do we anticipate finding simple solutions for what appear to be complex problems?

I find in mastering my minds’ desire to extract doom from every situation, I am able to explore this potential with more compliance, or perhaps I should say more appropriate recognition of its’ terms. See, I just confused you, and quite intentionally so, as this is a conversation for your subconscious to engage in, one with one intention in mind, to create opportunity and a new design within the mind. One intent on helping instead of harming and a place you can describe with ease. Should this idea excite you, know that much more can be found here if you are of a mind to explore it.

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