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What could life bring me if I was open to receive it?

Have you ever wondered why manifesting what you want is so hard? Or perhaps asked yourself why your life seems so hard and yet others seem to have it so easy? These are just some of the questions I get asked and often wonder just how I could not only answer them, but perhaps create the platform that allows for change to be created too.

If you were to ask yourself everyday what you would like to experience that day, you would find a flood of answers coming from your subconscious that would, in fact, make it possible to have those two questions answered. Our subconscious is a gracious guide to all the things we could ever want to know in order to change the experience of life we are having. So perhaps we should be asking ourselves how to apply ourselves to interacting more effectively with our subconscious. How would we experience life then?

As most of you working with me or participating in my workshops know, I have put a great deal of effort into finding out how to create that kind of interaction and how to make it simpler for us to achieve and what I know for certain is that it is possible and far easier than it would seem. The place to start is always in knowing that our subconscious works for us and not the other way around. It is an essential, in fact, an absolute essential, component of our consciousness and aligned with supporting us intricately on our journey of life. So why are we not more aware of it and how can we create that type of awareness? How can we bring the joy back into life with less of the struggle we are accustomed to?

The answer to that is simple. We need to address some questions to it. Simple, easily relatable questions that allow us to feel a sense of having been answered. I think we all can relate to a gut feel we associate with needing to do something or indicating that we know something we don’t really know how we know it. That would be our subconscious acknowledging a question from the mind. It will also be present in an urge to do something, to go somewhere or to find something out. In this way we are responding, as we do to all things, with a belief about that urge or an action that then results in a feeling about the action. Life, in fact, is just a series of infinite engagements with feelings and beliefs we are processing unconsciously.

So, what if we could make this process even simpler by making what is unconscious conscious and very pertinent to the experience we are having. Would you imagine this to feel good? To give you a sense of accomplishment or perhaps a lightness of heart, gladness even? What if by doing so, you were able to make decisions to change your circumstances with greater ease? Life would become easier, wouldn’t it?

Now the big question becomes, if it’s that simple, why don’t we do it? And the answer is quite simple, no one told us we needed this. No one told us that it’s the answer to everything we need, and no one told us we are capable of doing it. Well, I am here saying exactly that, and I plan to make it my mission to share with you the means, the know-how, and the guidance to get you there. But how about we start by asking every day, “What would I like to experience today?” knowing that the most obvious answer is joy.

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