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Inviting Passion & Purpose back into Life
Inviting Passion & Purpose back into Life

Sat, 22 Jun


Google Meet

Inviting Passion & Purpose back into Life

Have you ever wondered what bliss would be like daily and forever? I doubt we could even conceive of that notion but we could certainly imagine giving it a try. Embracing our potential is where it ends but it starts with a drive, a spark and a flicker of intent. But where do we begin you may ask?

Time & Location

22 Jun 2024, 14:30 – 16:30 SAST

Google Meet

About the event

I am describing for you something that holds particular relevance to each and every one of us, the spark of life that knows truly what we are here for. That recognises the truth of who we are and what we will become. It is found in places both old and new within the mind, the body and the expressions of life, and within us we have an innate excitement composed with equal measures of fear to know what this might be.

Being composed of both fear and excitement it means we get to choose our allegiance and wherever imbalance lies within that choice, to invite the body to harmonise it. We should welcome this and yet we don't, preferring instead to avoid or sit on the fence, and regardless of how willing we are, our inherent nature to find flaw in ourselves finds us weakened in resolve and trust.

Through this event we explore the opportunities to align more clearly and comfortably with who we are. Embarking on a process to eliminate low self worth and beliefs that are debilitating. Bringing to life nothing but pure potential and the capacity to see, even if just for a moment, what life and we ourselves, could be. Join us in this life changing workshop to learn how you can begin discovering a life filled with bliss. 

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