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Equinergy Healing Centre

Joy through Discovery

About Equinergy

Equinergy Healing Centre, hosted by Laura Ware, focuses on the health and wellness of body and mind with the intention of bringing joy and passion to life through the discovery of your own potential and capacity to thrive.

At the lake

Life begins with a Dream, a Vision, and a Plan. 

Mountains in Clouds

future Potential

The context of an experience with Laura is so wide and varied as to have no real definition. Except, perhaps, to say that it offers you the potential to discover a life beyond what you had come to expect and the means to achieve great things while keeping focused on your heart and its design.

Our services

Our aim is to provide excellent service in a number of the aspects of your well-being that both inspires and creates a platform for future development. With this in mind, we have structured our services to appeal to all with a view to explore life and its treasures. 

Forest Grass

Simplicity is in the eye of the beholder, and magic in the hands of the dreamer.  

Still the heart and quiet the mind, life is but a dream. 

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